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Setting Up a Free Zone Company in Dubai, United Arab Emirates

A Dubai free zone offers a conducive environment for businesses looking to establish themselves in this dynamic region of the Middle East. Let’s delve into the key aspects defining its market position.

Overview of Free Zone in Dubai

A free zone in the United Arab Emirates is an economic zone specially designed to encourage foreign investment and stimulate economic growth. These zones provide local and international companies with a favorable business environment, offering benefits such as income tax exemption, 100% foreign ownership, ease of capital transfer, and world-class infrastructure. Each of these zones typically specializes in a particular industry, attracting specific sectors such as technology, finance, logistics, and more. UAE Free Zones have played a crucial role in transforming the country into a global economic hub, attracting entrepreneurs and investors from around the world in search of exceptional business opportunities in this prosperous region of the Middle East.

In the UAE, there are over 40 free zones, with around twenty located in Dubai. Among the most well-known are Meydan Freezone, IFZA, DMCC and Dubai Media City etc.

Discover the advantages and challenges of setting up a business in a dubai freezone


Complete Foreign Ownership: By establishing a company in a free zone in the United Arab Emirates, foreign investors can own their entire business without the need for Emirati partners.

Common Law: Free zones operate under a common law system, providing investors with a transparent and familiar legal environment.

Administrative Simplicity: Registration and business setup processes are simple and fast, with one-stop services available.

Wide Choice of Locations: The United Arab Emirates offers numerous free zones in different emirates to meet the specific needs of businesses.

Office with Employees: Free zone companies can open physical offices and hire local and international employees to expand their operations in the country.


Office Costs: Office rates vary from one free zone to another, sometimes with high costs, requiring careful budget planning.

Restricted Activities: Each free zone has its own rules on permitted activities, which may limit business options.

Lack of Import Code: In some free zones, it may not be possible to obtain an import code, which can hinder the importation of goods.

Office in Free Zone Only: Free zone companies usually need to have their office within the zone, which may limit their geographical presence in the country.

Setting Up a Free Zone Company in Dubai


Tax Treaties: By establishing a company in a free zone in the United Arab Emirates, you can benefit from the double taxation avoidance agreements that the UAE has signed with many countries, avoiding paying tax on the same income twice.

Economic Substance: Free zones allow for the creation of a real commercial presence in the UAE, which can be essential to meet certain requirements and enjoy tax benefits.

Dual Licenses: In some free zones, you can obtain dual licenses, allowing you to conduct multiple activities under a single legal entity, providing operational flexibility.


Activity Limitation: Companies in free zones in the United Arab Emirates are generally only allowed to operate within the respective free zone, limiting their presence outside of this zone.

Why Establish a Company in a Dubai Free Zone?

Starting a business in a Free Zone in Dubai can be an extremely beneficial strategic decision for ambitious entrepreneurs. These special economic zones offer an exceptional business environment characterized by simplified regulation, attractive tax benefits, 100% foreign ownership, and access to a skilled and multicultural workforce. Dubai’s strategic location as a global business hub also facilitates access to international markets. Whether you want to establish an innovative technology startup, set up an international trading company, or manage a service-oriented company, a Free Zone in Dubai can offer you the ideal conditions for growth and success. Furthermore, government support and world-class infrastructure ensure that your business can thrive in this dynamic and diverse environment. So, if you’re considering launching your business, Dubai and its Free Zones are an option not to be overlooked.

If you are considering establishing a Dubai free zone, we advise you to schedule a free consultation with the teams at FreeZoneMarket in Dubai, specialists in company formation.

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